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Department Chair’s Welcome

Greetings from Peoria!

I am glad you are visiting our website. Our department celebrates diversity with collegiality, a vigorous work ethic with an awareness of the need for rest and personal renewal, and a practical approach to primary care. I hope as you browse the faculty and resident pages on our website, you will find these characteristics portrayed.

Our department serves the University of Illinois Peoria campus and our community in many ways. Our faculty teach medical students the Introduction to Clinical Medicine (ICM) course during their M-2 year, and host both required (M-3) and elective (M-4) sub-internship rotations. Our residency was one of the first in Illinois (1971) and is one of the largest with ten residents per year. Educational highlights often cited by residents during their three years here include the thorough training from our inpatient medicine, pediatric and obstetrical services as well as outpatient training in sports medicine, on-site dermatology clinic, procedural skills, international medicine, and geriatrics. Our graduates often continue their affiliation with the residency post-graduation by hosting resident rotations or teaching in our Family Medical Center as preceptors.

Our faculty displays our “diverse collegiality” aspect well. We represent differences in generations, culture, religion, race and gender, yet find a tight bond of collegiality that can be traced to a common respect for the individual, personal integrity, and a love of teaching. Members of our faculty have been recognized for their leadership teaching and clinical skills locally, regionally and nationally. We are committed to getting done what needs to be done with the tools at hand, but we are always looking ahead for better ways to care for our patients.

On a personal note, I am committed to the belief that well-trained Family Physicians placed throughout our nation are our best hope for rational and efficient healthcare. Our patients need a family doctor who will be more than just their caregiver – one who will also listen to them, understand their values and fears, and translate for them the world of medicine as it applies to them. That family doctor is best prepared to bring our specialty colleagues, when needed, into the care of our patients for optimal outcomes. My own experience as a rural solo practitioner and a teacher in three different residencies has solidified that belief, and I am looking for innovative ways to re-focus health care in our country. Our excellent and talented faculty, our dedicated staff, and our bright, young residents make me optimistic that we will succeed in that journey!

Thomas B. Golemon, MD
Professor and Chair of Family and Community Medicine
Thomas and Ellen Foster Endowed Chair and Professor

Dr. Thomas Golemon

Thomas B. Golemon, MD