Director of Medical Student Education

Andrew Vincent, DO ([email protected])

Assistant Director of Medical Student Education

Victor Chan, DO ([email protected])

Student Coordinators

Christie Perry ([email protected]) and Jan Fiscus ([email protected])


Emergency Medicine Residency
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center
530 N.E. Glen Oak Avenue
Peoria, IL 61637

Phone: 309-624-3070
Fax: 309-624-9887

M-4 Rotation

Four week blocks – start date always on a Monday. The rotation dates are based on our predetermined four week block schedule – requests for days off are accepted (check with Academic Affairs for exact dates of blocks.) The ED shifts are 8 hours long, and students will work 14 shifts. These shifts will be divided between the different triage zones of our Emergency Department. There will be five hours of conference each week, 5 hours of orientation, a procedure lab and 3 hours of simulation didactics. A required exam will be given at the end of the rotation. Seventy percent of your grade will be from clinical evaluations and 30% is from your rotation exam.

Hospital: OSF Saint Francis Medical Center is a Level I Trauma Center and community teaching hospital. The patient volume is approximately 85,000/year. You will see a wide variety of patients, with 25-30% being Pediatrics.

Housing/Food/Parking: A list of housing is available in our medical center (on a space-available basis) and free meals while on duty. Parking is also available for $10.

Visiting Students

Prerequisites: Must be in your fourth year of medical school and completed the following clerkships: Internal Medicine, General Surgery, OB/Gyn, Pediatrics. LCME or Osteopathic accredited schools only. For both allopathic and osteopathic students planning a rotation at our institution, we require a copy of your USMLE transcript (Step 1 score OR Step 2 CK score OR both). For osteopathic students we also request that you submit a copy of your COMLEX transcript.

How to Apply: Visit the Visiting Students page and click on the appropriate application/packet.

M-3 Rotation

The Department of Emergency Medicine has established an elective for third year medical students at UICOMP. The elective is available during most blocks of the year for 2 weeks at a time. During this elective, students work 7 shifts in the ED directly with an upper level EM resident, participate in our EM conferences (total of 10 hours of didactics with procedural labs and simulation training), and practice procedures (ie – foley insertion, laceration repair, splinting, etc) during each ED shift. Shift times range between day and evening. Overnight shifts are currently not required but may be accommodated upon request. At this time, the M3 rotation is only available to UICOMP students.