Resident Benefits


2022-23 Academic Year

TL-1: $60,391
TL-2: $62,575
TL-3: $64,875

Benefits and Perks

Educational Allowance: Residents receive an annual education allowance of $1,200, which provides reimbursement for education-related purchases that have been pre-approved by the program director.

Temporary Medical License: Residents receive a reimbursement of $230 for fees paid to obtain a temporary medical license.

Tuition for Advanced Life Support Courses: Fees for the ACLS Course, and other required advanced life support courses, are paid by OSF SFMC.

Financial Assistance for Outside Rotations: Residents receive financial assistance to help defray the costs of obtaining housing and parking associated with performing required rotations outside the Peoria area. The amount provided is usually sufficient to cover the costs. Residents who drive to required off-campus rotations that are greater than 20 miles from Peoria receive a travel allowance.

Vacations: Residents receive three (3) weeks of paid time off per year, i.e., 15 week days and 6 weekend days per year.

Professional Leave: TL-2 and above residents receive a maximum of seven (7) days off per year to attend professional meetings approved by the program director.

Professional Liability Insurance: Residents are provided with professional liability insurance that protects them from exposure to liability arising from the performance of residency program duties. This coverage is provided on an “occurrence basis.” Liability limits for an individual resident are $1,000,000 per person, $3,000,000 per occurrence. This coverage DOES NOT protect the resident when engaged in professional activities outside the prescribed training program.

Medical and Dental Insurance: Comprehensive medical and dental group health insurance is available to residents and their eligible dependents from either the OSF Quality Care Plan or the OSF High Deductible Health Plan. This benefit is provided on a cost-shared basis, with OSF paying the majority of the cost.

Disability Insurance: Residents receive both short-term and long-term disability insurance. The cost of this insurance is paid by OSF SFMC.

Life Insurance: OSF SFMC provides residents with life insurance and accidental equal to 150% of the annual salary, to a maximum of $60,000.

Meals: While on duty residents are provided with meals at the OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Main Cafeteria.

Parking: Parking in designated areas is provided to residents at no charge.

YMCA Privileges: Membership in the Peoria YMCA is provided as a benefit to residents and their spouses and children.

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