Welcome to UICOMP

Welcome to the University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria (UICOMP) and congratulations on your new position! We as your Civil Service Employees Council (CSEC) want to welcome you to UICOMP and give you a little insight on what exactly CSEC is:

CSEC puts together numerous events throughout the year to raise money for different charitable programs in the community. Popcorn sales, the Halloween party, and school supplies collection are only a few examples of how we utilize talents for fund raising. The CSEC council tries to involve the university employees in our quest for bringing the community together and supporting the less fortunate. We also have a program to help our own employees who have experienced a hardship or disaster called the “Community Chest,” which can be located on our website or contacting your Civil Service Representative.

Not only does your CSEC have fun events for our employees to outreach into our community and by helping raise money, we also have events to enrich YOU personally. Whether it would be a karate class or learning to knit, we want our employees to enjoy themselves while learning something new with fellow employees.

We encourage you to submit ideas to [email protected]. We will review all submissions and promptly get back to you. Please do not hesitate to contact your CSEC representative with concerns. We want to serve YOU!

Your CSEC Council

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