Testing at UICOMP

How to Schedule Testing

1) Read the Coordinator/Proctor Checklist — Checklist

2) Create a CIS assessment setup ticket — Instructions

3) Submit a work order to Facilities


Frequently Asked Questions

Put in a HelpDesk Ticket for “Assessment Setup” and this will go through the CIS workflow for setup. Please refer to the guidelines in the “How to Create an ‘Assessment Setup’ Ticket” document on the Testing Website. If you can’t access the HelpDesk, have your dept head put in a ticket to grant access.

The number of computers varies for each testing room. See the “Testing Rooms” document for details.

CIS will reserve the rooms on the calendar and include the testing resources. Please email CIS the exam schedule at the beginning of each year to reserve a placeholder in the primary testing rooms until final details established in the Assessment Setup Ticket (submit at least 2 weeks prior to the exam).

We have a dedicated tech to be on call for the Library Lab and all other UICOMP Rooms. Please determine a communication plan with CIS for test day so we can help with any technology issues or cleaning plans that arise. (Communication Platforms: Slack Channel, MS Teams Group, Webex Teams Group, Email, or Phone #, etc). If you need help, please contact CIS for access, setup, and/or training.

Rooms are set up for proper social distancing. If you need special setup (ex: 1 student per room) please put details in the Assessment Setup Ticket.
Please see the “Coordinator/Proctor Checklist” document on the testing website for complete details. Before test, you’ll set up the room. During, you’ll proctor the room using your form of communication (in-person or remote). After, you’ll inform the CIS the exam is finished via the appropriate communication platform so we can follow protocol with equipment pick up and cleaning procedures.
It is the responsibility of the coordinator/proctor to set out items needed for the exam. If you need materials, please contact the department that manages your supplies. Testing Laptops come with privacy screens.

No. Appropriate certifications will be administered to all computers in the testing room unless a specific plan is communicated in the Assessment Setup Ticket. Coordinators/Proctors are welcome to use place cards with materials from their supply manager

They need to make sure they know their NetID and password prior to the exam. We do not allow generic logins to be used on the testing machines. Instructions for resetting NetID passwords can be found here: identity.uillinois.edu

If testing in the Library Learning Lab, you will find your testing link in the “Testing” folder on the desktop. In all other testing rooms at UICOMP, the links are on the desktop (and not in a folder).

A backup computer is always available for unforeseeable issues. Move the student to a working machine and complete an Examination Incident Report here: https://forms.uofi.uic.edu/sec/6412271.


[email protected]

For library rooms:
Karen Luna, 671-8488