Computing Information

Student Wireless Network

Free access to secured wireless using your NetID and Password. Find instructions for your device.

Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses

All of the computers in the Lab are equipped with anti-virus software. This software provides protection against viruses, as long as you do not ignore infection warnings or turn off the anti-viral software. As a student, you can download free Symantec anti-virus software for your own computer. It is highly recommended that you download Symantec if you do not have an existing anti-virus installed on your computer. It is very important to regularly update your anti-virus software for current virus definitions. See the documentation that comes with the software for information on how to update it. Go to to download Symantec and other software.


You have been assigned a NETID and password. To read more about your NETID, your account, changing your password, rules and regulations for using UIC servers and more, go to ACCC’s Net ID information page.

The College of Medicine will use only your UIC NETID to correspond by email. It is your responsibility to read your UIC email even if you would prefer to use a personal email account.


Go to for NetID and password unlock services.

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