Chris Viamontes

Artist Statement:

My piece is a photographic exploration as quarantine forced me to realize the importance of nature and the outdoors in my wellness and resiliency. In the form of a slide deck, I initially start with my time in quarantine, move to my trip to the upper peninsula in Michigan (our first escape from quarantine), and finish with a personal reflection on the experience.

Chris Viamontes, University of Illinois College of Medicine Chicago, Class of 2022

COVID and Nature: A Journey Through Quarantine

Play video above or download PowerPoint slideshow version.


A colonnade of brown, sage columns
Adorned in craggy, fungal decoration
Welcoming us, the congregation
Fresh spring flowers of blue and white
Ushering us on the path
Fauna muttering, singing, chirping
Proclaiming the good word of the wood
The smell of pine on a crisp breeze
The incense of a celebratory spring
Inviting us in to listen