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Advancing T Lymphocyte Directed Solutions for Acute Rejection in Allogeneic Kidney Transplantation

Project Summary: Solid organ transplantation has become an important component of medical practice, improving the quality of life and the life span of individuals facing irreversible organ failure. This aims of this project are to help to advance new monitoring strategies that will improve the health outcomes of kidney transplant recipients, as well as [...]

Assessment of Food Insecurity in Peoria

Project Summary: It is a cross-sectional pilot study which will utilize survey methodology. The patient population visiting the Family Medicine outpatient clinic will be surveyed. The timeline for data collection is June to August 2019. The analysis will be conducted in August/September 2019. Student volunteer responsibilities: Data collection: The student will communicate with the [...]

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Project Summary: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum ac lorem ligula. Praesent pellentesque sapien scelerisque ex sodales volutpat. Quisque at aliquet felis. Fusce ut odio id elit vulputate porta id in ex. Morbi id aliquam turpis. Donec pharetra dapibus enim nec dignissim. Nullam ac nibh quis leo faucibus condimentum. Maecenas libero [...]

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