Pathways: Córdoba Clinic Immerses Students in Community Health

While Córdoba Clinic offers free healthcare to Peoria-area patients, the clinic also provides valuable experiences for UICOMP medical students to learn and serve on their journeys to becoming doctors. Katherine Floess (UICOMP Class of 2023) is a member of the student leadership team for Córdoba and started volunteering at the clinic her first year [...]

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Pathways: Apps, Gaming and Immersive Learning

Medical education continues to evolve, and UICOMP faculty are using advanced technologies to bring teaching into the hands of learners, provide opportunities for self-directed learning and build skills that advance excellence in patient care. Developing a successful mobile app or creating an effective immersive learning experience in virtual reality takes a team approach, and [...]

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Pathways: When Learning and Training Overlap with Community Health

Community health outreach is about improving health and quality of life for a community’s population with consideration to the socioeconomic, political and cultural determinants of health. When learners experience care outside the clinical setting, they realize the varying factors that impact health outcomes and mitigating factors can affect a care plan. Community organizations play [...]

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Pathways: Long COVID Research Enrolls 100+ Participants in Peoria

This fall UICOMP researchers enrolled their 100th participant in the “Researching COVID to Enhance Recovery” (RECOVER) initiative by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). UICOMP is collaborating to study causes, prevention and treatment strategies for long COVID in central Illinois. The work is part of the ILLInet state-wide COVID-19 collaboration led by University of Illinois [...]

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Pathways: UICOMP Researchers Taking Closer Look at Commonalities Between COVID-19 and Brain Cancer

A team of UICOMP researchers in the Department of Cancer Biology and Pharmacology had their work published in Cell Death and Disease published by Nature Publishing Group. The work entitled “Galectin-1 activates Carbonic anhydrase IX and modulates glioma metabolism” is examining the commonalities of the spike protein present in COVID-19 and human Glioblastoma. Galectin-1 [...]

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Pathways: Cardiology Fellowship Elevates Training, Care in Peoria

When UICOMP expanded its GME footprint by adding fellowships to the residency training opportunities, cardiology fellowship was the first. Fellowship program director Sudhir Mungee, MD, who came to Peoria in 2006, was among the few who envisioned the idea of offering a fellowship to expand the wings of GME and provide specialty training for cardiologists.With [...]

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Pathways: Students Give Back, Gain Experience at Cordoba Healthcare Clinic

UICOMP medical students gain valuable experience while assisting at a free clinic to serve the uninsured or under-insured. The Cordoba Healthcare clinic provides specialty healthcare to residents in the greater Peoria area with a dedicated team of physicians, students and volunteers from throughout central Illinois. Cordoba’s medical student leadership board, comprised of [...]

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Pathways: 13 Residencies + 9 Fellowships = Graduate Medical Education in Peoria

Graduate Medical Education, or GME, is a clinical education and training program for physicians who have completed their medical school requirements and been awarded an MD, or equivalent, degree. Part of UICOMP’s educational mission is its GME program. In Peoria, UICOMP is the sponsoring institution of 13 residency and nine fellowship training programs approved [...]

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Pathways: UICOMP Faculty Receive Jump ARCHES Spring Grant Awards

A number of UICOMP faculty were among the investigators chosen as recipients of the spring 2021 grants from the Jump Applied Research for Community Health through Engineering and Simulation (ARCHES) program. Seven research projects are sharing more than $400,000 in funding aimed at addressing the challenges health care faces in the development of policies [...]

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Pathways: UICOMP Grad Leading COVID-19 Vaccine Effort at Fort Leonard Wood

Parker Thompson, MD, (UICOMP Class of 2017) contributed to fighting the global pandemic by leading the COVID-19 vaccination response at the U.S. Army’s Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. In December 2020, he was tapped by the Deputy Commander for Clinical Services at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital to serve as the Officer In Charge [...]

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