UICOMP Researchers Taking Closer Look at Commonalities Between COVID-19 and Brain Cancer

A team of UICOMP researchers in the Department of Cancer Biology and Pharmacology had their work published in Cell Death and Disease published by Nature Publishing Group. The work entitled “Galectin-1 activates Carbonic anhydrase IX and modulates glioma metabolism” is examining the commonalities of the spike protein present in COVID-19 and human Glioblastoma. Galectin-1 [...]

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Pathways: Cardiology Fellowship Elevates Training, Care in Peoria

When UICOMP expanded its GME footprint by adding fellowships to the residency training opportunities, cardiology fellowship was the first. Fellowship program director Sudhir Mungee, MD, who came to Peoria in 2006, was among the few who envisioned the idea of offering a fellowship to expand the wings of GME and provide specialty training for cardiologists.With [...]

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Pathways: Students Give Back, Gain Experience at Cordoba Healthcare Clinic

UICOMP medical students gain valuable experience while assisting at a free clinic to serve the uninsured or under-insured. The Cordoba Healthcare clinic provides specialty healthcare to residents in the greater Peoria area with a dedicated team of physicians, students and volunteers from throughout central Illinois. Cordoba’s medical student leadership board, comprised of [...]

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Pathways: 13 Residencies + 9 Fellowships = Graduate Medical Education in Peoria

Graduate Medical Education, or GME, is a clinical education and training program for physicians who have completed their medical school requirements and been awarded an MD, or equivalent, degree. Part of UICOMP’s educational mission is its GME program. In Peoria, UICOMP is the sponsoring institution of 13 residency and nine fellowship training programs approved [...]

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Pathways: UICOMP Faculty Receive Jump ARCHES Spring Grant Awards

A number of UICOMP faculty were among the investigators chosen as recipients of the spring 2021 grants from the Jump Applied Research for Community Health through Engineering and Simulation (ARCHES) program. Seven research projects are sharing more than $400,000 in funding aimed at addressing the challenges health care faces in the development of policies [...]

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Pathways: UICOMP Grad Leading COVID-19 Vaccine Effort at Fort Leonard Wood

Parker Thompson, MD, (UICOMP Class of 2017) contributed to fighting the global pandemic by leading the COVID-19 vaccination response at the U.S. Army’s Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. In December 2020, he was tapped by the Deputy Commander for Clinical Services at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital to serve as the Officer In Charge [...]

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Pathways: Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality Technology Impacts Surgery Planning, Patient Care

UICOMP faculty are using MRI and CT data to generate an exact replica of anatomy. This can be used to create a three-dimensional model of the anatomy that physicians can use to better understand individual cases. It is especially helpful in surgery planning and allows surgeons to see “up close and personal,” albeit virtual. Peoria [...]

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In Pursuit of Justice and Equality

Members of the UICOMP family were asked for their impressions, experiences, and opportunities regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion for all. They were asked 4 questions: Where did you grow up, how long have you been in Peoria, and what do you do for fun? Share an experience with diversity, equity, and/or inclusion that [...]

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UICOMP Initiatives Toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Dr. Elsa Vazquez-Melendez - “In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” I think about Dr. Maya Angelou’s insightful words of wisdom whenever I witness acts of defiance and courage in the name of social justice and equality. Maya Angelou died in 2014. Her loss was felt deeply [...]

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Pathways: Innovation in Rural Global Medicine Elective Takes Students to Uganda

In February, eight UICOMP third year students completed a two-week rural global rotation as part of the Innovation in Rural Global Medicine (IRGmed) program. Six traveled to the African country of Uganda and were based at Mbarara University of Science and Technology while two others were based at OSF Center for Health in Streator [...]

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