March 2023 Winner: Physical Plant

Congratulations to the Physical Plant staff who was selected as this month’s Outstanding Team Award Winner! Their hard work in assisting with the daily operations of the campus is appreciated. They do an outstanding job of handling tickets, including “custom” requests. The Physical Plant staff is always willing to talk through projects to assist with [...]

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February 2023 Winner: LACF

Hats off to the team in UICOMP’s LACF for the great work they do in support of UICOMP research! Because of their diligence, dedication and great approach to collaboration, the LACF team was selected for the February 2023 Outstanding Team Award.Angela Daniels and Stephanie Sampson have both been with the university several years, and their [...]

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January 2023 Winner: Purchasing Department

The Positive Health Solutions (PHS) team would like to recognize the Purchasing Department team, Ginger and Barb, for their dedication and all their hard work supporting PHS in its operations. PHS understands how busy Purchasing is, but they always find the time to assist PHS and especially in last minute Purchase Order creation ensuring [...]

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December 2022 Winner: Positive Health Solutions

Communication and Information Services (CIS) would like to recognize the Positive Health Solutions (PHS) team for their dedication and all the hard work they do to create the best experience for their clients and co-workers. CIS understands how busy PHS has been over the last few months, yet they have been very patient and understanding [...]

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November 2022 Winner: Communication and Information Services (CIS)

The Academic Affairs team would like to recognize the Communication and Information Services (CIS) department at UICOMP for their dedication and hard work. Despite the many projects and multiple open positions, CIS continues to persevere to complete the many requests that come their way from students, guest lecturers, faculty and staff. We truly appreciate their [...]

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October 2022 Winner: Academic Affairs

Student Affairs has selected Academic Affairs as the recipient of the Outstanding Team Award, for the month of October 2022. This team works tirelessly to be consistently available to our students. They step in to help one another, and take on additional responsibilities, in the absence of other team members. They are dedicated to [...]

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September 2022 Winner: Student Affairs

“Student Affairs always goes above and beyond to make our students feel welcome as they kick off the academic year, and they are always great collaborators who are kind, helpful and cooperative when it comes to working together on a number of projects and events throughout the year.” – Nominated by Advancement and Community Relations [...]

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Selection Criteria

The Outstanding Team Award is presented monthly to a UICOMP department or unit (not an individual). Departments/units who have received the Outstanding Team Award in the past 12 months are ineligible. (See the list of winners on this page.) The presenting department should select the recipient based on the overall interactions and experiences of [...]

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