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Key takeaways from Cyber Security Month

As National Cyber Security Awareness Month draws to a close, it’s important to remember some important tips year-round. When in doubt, ask CIS If you suspect an email to be phishing, call the Help Desk at 309-671-3400 or email Do not click on links or reply to a suspicious email, and do not provide [...]

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Phishing has become more sophisticated and frequent

October is National Cyber Security Month, which is a good time to review phishing techniques. Phishing is a cyberattack where fraudulent emails sent from seemingly reputable sources attempt to trick you into revealing personal information. Phishing attacks have become more frequent and advanced, and they pose a significant threat to everyone. Example of Phishing [...]

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Cyber Security Awareness Month: Personal Devices

For many of us, our electronic devices are key parts of our lives. Think of all the personal data on your phone, such as emails, contact lists and social media accounts. Your laptop probably contains even more sensitive information – saved passwords, financial documents and more. Here are some ways to safeguard your devices: [...]

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Cyber Security Awareness Month: Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that locks or scrambles files on an infected device. Payment is demanded in order for you to regain access to your files. However, there is no guarantee you will be able to access your files again. (Note that UIC does not make ransom payments.) Ransomware often spreads as [...]

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October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

Week One of Cyber Security Awareness Month focuses on phishing. We’ve all seen phishing emails. They are the top reason people lose control of their data and log-in credentials. Phishing emails often tell you there is an urgent problem with your account and then link to a page where you’re asked to enter your personal [...]

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