Parking Services

Campus Parking Services is responsible for providing safe, convenient and affordable parking for vehicles by:

  • Overseeing Proximity iCard parking requests
  • Providing cash lot for occasional drivers and visitors
  • Operating and maintaining College of Medicine Peoria parking lots

Annual Fees

Faculty & Professional Staff – $240
Staff – $100
Extra Help/900 Hours – $50
M-1 & M-2 Students – $100
M-3 & M-4 Students – $40
Nursing Student – $20
Volunteer – No Charge

Staff, Faculty and Professional Staff may pay for their parking by either cash, check or payroll deduction. Payroll deductions for academic personnel will be on a monthly basis, and payroll deductions for civil service staff will be on a bi-weekly basis.

Students, 900-hour employees and Extra-Help must pay in the form of either cash or check at the time parking is requested. If parking is requested during the year, the fee will be prorated. Volunteer faculty members who are actively engaged in instructional programs may be issued courtesy parking upon the recommendation of the department head/chair or Purchasing Business Manager.

Visitor Parking Lot Tokens

Parking tokens may be given to persons whom departments wish to provide free parking. Departments may purchase tokens from the Accounting Office in quantities of 20 for $20. Parking tokens may be purchased at the Security Desk in the Lobby for $1.

Payroll Deduction Procedures

First-time applicants for parking card: Fill out the blue payroll deduction authorization card. Applicants must sign the authorization card before parking will be available.

Persons renewing their parking card: If your old parking card payment was set up on payroll deduction, nothing needs to be done. Payroll deductions will continue.

Persons not renewing: A Payroll Revocation Card must be submitted to stop the deductions. Without this action, payroll deductions will continue. To initiate revocation you should apply for a revocation card in the Accounting Office.

Persons not desiring a parking card: No action is necessary. The visitor lot is available for use as needed.

Gate Operation

Upon payment of the parking fee, either in full or by payroll deduction, parking will be activated on the Proximity iCard. Activation of parking may take 24 hours after requested.

Hours of Operation

All parking gates will be in controlled operation at all times.

* Overnight parking is allowed in the visitor lot only. Those wishing to park in the visitor lot for a limited period of time, should contact the Purchasing Office ahead of time, with vehicle information and anticipated timeframe.


The security personnel and our closed-circuit video system will maintain evening and weekend surveillance of the lots.

Special Services

Disabled Parking is available in the circle drive at the College with the appropriate hangtag or license plate provided through the State of Illinois. Parking in the Disabled Parking spaces without either is subject to a ticket issued by the City of Peoria.

Guest Lecture Parking is available in the circle drive at the College for Guest Lecturers Only.

Parking Rules and Regulations

All parking lots are self-park at the College of Medicine Peoria. The College of Medicine Peoria is not responsible for loss of, loss from, or damage to vehicles parked on the College of Medicine Peoria property. You are responsible for abiding by parking in parking spaces and following the flow of traffic at reasonable speeds in all lots. Failure to do so may result in revocation of parking privileges.


One Illini Drive
Peoria, IL 61605

Purchasing Office
One Illini Drive
Peoria, IL 61605

M–F 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.