Contract Development Request Form for Teaching/Administration or Staff


  1. Fill in information at the top of page, name, department, date, position.
  2. (SEE DEFINITIONS AND TYPES) Check the type of agreement. We have an Affiliation Agreement with OSF-SFMC, UnityPoint Health, Easter Seals and Fayette Companies. If your agreement is with any of these institutions, check the box marked Letter of Agreement. (see definitions). Otherwise, you will check the box marked Contract.
  3. Check the status of this agreement: Check the box marked new agreement, or if it is replacing an agreement already in place, mark revision replacing #, and provide the # of that agreement.
  4. Enter the total full time equivalent (FTE) for this contract.
  5. Enter the total contract amount. ADDENDUM: Choose the appropriate multiplier for figuring contract.
  6. Determine the hours per week or hours per year for this contract. Enter the amount in the appropriate space.
  7. Attach a detailed job description including hours or percent time.
  8. Narrative: (Brief summary of the detailed job description).
  9. Will the University receive or pay funds? Check the appropriate box.
  10. Enter the contract start date
  11. Contract end date – if none, enter none but also enter a Contract review date.
  12. Will this be billed monthly or hourly? Check the appropriate box. If hourly is chosen, the department is responsible to notify accounting of hours each month.
  13. Enter the account title and FOAPAL.
  14. Print or type the name of the institution or agency. Obtain signature of authorized representative and date.
  15. Print or type the name of UICOM-P representative. Obtain signature of UICOM-P representative and date.
  16. Department should attach job description, plus any other attachments, eg: letter of offer, etc., and return this form to: Carla Stokes, UICOMP Administrative Affairs
  17. Administrative Affairs will review the CDRF and obtain Dean’s signature. Once the CDRF is fully signed, Administrative Affairs will create the contract/agreement and process.
CDRF (Agency)
Calculation Worksheet