About Student Services: At the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria, we are committed to providing students with the support they need to thrive throughout their medical training. The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for coordinating and administering many services for UICOM-P students, including but not limited to personal counseling, financial aid referrals, housing information, study skills assistance, student organizations and activities, student health services, policy distribution and interpretation, credential verification, student advocacy, and academic advising. The office also coordinates applicant interviews, social events, awards and scholarships and career planning programming.

Learn more about student services in Peoria, and find essential documents and information by clicking on the links below and at right.

MEDICAL CURRICULUM:  Check the Students / MD Program page for academic information and pages specific to the M2, M3, and M4 years.

STUDENT EVENT CALENDAR: Check our calendar for the latest information about extracurricular events and programs for Peoria medical students. The COMBINED CALENDAR overlays extracurricular programs with curricular schedules and test dates.

WHERE TO GO FOR WHAT:  Click on this link to reveal a resource guide (PDF) organized according to common questions and concerns faced by students.

STUDENT POLICIES: Go to this page for College of Medicine Student Academic Promotions Policies, UIC Policies,  links to site policy pages, and other essential documents. An Annual Notice, distributed to all students, outlines certain important rights and responsibilities.

HEALTH, WELLNESS and FITNESS SERVICES: Read this essential guide to services that support student well-being in Peoria (PDF), including CampusCare and free Counseling Services for students.  A lower cost Contraceptive Formulary is available to students at a local pharmacy. Fitness Facilities are at the Methodist Atrium and the RiverPlex.  Protocols for exposure incidents (needlesticks) are posted to the Peoria Student Policies Page.

FACILITIES AND AMENITIES:  Lounges, study rooms, lockers, parking, mailboxes, white coats, and more (PDF).

 White Coat with UICOMP Patches close up