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    Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center
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Jump Simulation

Jump Simulation is a collaborative project between the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria and OSF HealthCare. Jump, provides training to UICOMP residents and medical students in simulated settings that look and feel like a real hospital.

Jump is a virtual care delivery setting, replicating all areas of patient care. Actual medical equipment is combined with the latest in simulation equipment to attract the finest minds in clinical education and provide the highest level of medical research, training and innovation.

The programs and objectives of Jump are integral to improving the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of care for patients and community members across the region. Furthermore, Jump is an incubator where collaboration, innovation and improvement will help lead the transformation of health care worldwide.

The core elements of Jump are professional education for preparing clinicians, clinical service training for a wide range of caregivers, and health care systems and engineering research and development. Outcomes at Jump are measured through the yield of superior clinicians, performance improvement in health care delivery and new devices and processes that advance clinical training.


    Donald E. Rager, MD Clinical Skills Laboratory


The Donald E. Rager, M.D., Clinical Skills Laboratory is a medical education training facility located at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria.

When built in 2005, the Rager Lab was the first human patient simulation laboratory within the University of Illinois system. This asset sparked broad faculty interest in simulation education, and ultimately led to the creation of the much larger and more sophisticated Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, which opened in the Spring of 2013.

To meet students’ needs and to maintain the lab's leading role in providing medical students with enhanced opportunities to learn the vital skills for patient care, the Rager Lab recently underwent a series of renovations. The lab now focuses on physical examination learning opportunities for second-year UICOMP medical students and nursing students enrolled in the University of Illinois' APN graduate program.

Students have 24-hour keycard access to learn and practice skills such as cardiac auscultation, taking a blood pressure, and using an otoscope or ophthalmoscope in a setting that blends a traditional examination room with computer technology. 

A new eye simulator allows students the chance to see the fundus through a scope while an instructor monitors the student's view through the scope on a computer monitor. Both normal and abnormal findings can be shown using the equipment. A new ear simulator works in a similar fashion. The lab also will soon be outfitted with an ultrasound machine and pelvic examination simulators. 

The newly designed Rager Lab is designed for small group-learning but also is self-guided; students have the independence to come and go, fitting learning physical examination skills into their studies in the UICOMP lecture hall or library.