The Carrie M. Craig Summer Research Fellowship Program

The Carrie M. Craig Fellowship Program enables selected medical students to engage in research under the guidance of a research mentor the summer between their first and second years. The research must be conducted at UICOMP, and the research mentor must have a UICOMP faculty appointment. Prospective fellows are eligible to receive a $2,700 stipend and are expected to work on their project during the summer months. All actively enrolled M1 students who are in good academic standing are encouraged to apply, regardless of prior research experience. The Craig Fellowship Call for Proposals, which includes a more detailed description of the program and all relevant deadlines, can be found by following the link below.



YearNameProject TitleMentorDepartment
2018David GaoTrafficking of testosterone receptor TRPM8 to plasma membraneElla Zakharian, PhDCancer Biology & Pharmacology
2018Laura JorgensonAttenuation of the severity of post-ischemic inflammation: effect on the neurological recovery of stroke-induced ratsKrishna Veeravalli, PhDCancer Biology & Pharmacology
2018Andrew SchaverEffect of prone positioning on Ulnar Nerve injuriesMiguel Ramirez, MDSurgery (Orthopedics)
2018Wade SmithSmall molecule inhibition of EZH2 Suppresses B7-H3 expression and medulloblastoma cell proliferationSwapna Asuthkar, PhDCancer Biology & Pharmacology
2019Chris EberlinGenetic Basis of Bleeding in Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos SyndromeRohith Jesudas, MDPediatrics (BCDI)
2019Kurt HanebrinkAssociation Between Multiple Sclerosis and ResidentialConsumption of Pollutive EnergyCarl Asche, PhDCenter for Outcomes Research
2019Bryan MakowskiIncidence of anti-TNF associated hepatic insufficiency as compared to non-TNF targeted immunotherapies for treating spondyloarthritides(SpA), psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritisCarl Asche, PhDCenter for Outcomes Research
2019Ryan MartinEffect of MMP-12 suppression on post-stroke neurological outcomeKrishna Veeravalli, PhDCancer Biology & Pharmacology
2019Mohammed MirzaMitochondrial DNA Degradation in Neurologic Disease: Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’sPedro de Alarcon, MDPediatrics
2019Breanna SullivanEffects of Glenosphere Size on Shoulder Range of Motion PostReverse Total Shoulder ArthroplastyMiguel Ramirez, MDSurgery (Orthopedics)
2019Brock TaylorDoes administration of intravenous acetaminophen in the immediate post-operative period decrease cumulative opioid use in pediatric patients?Anil Kumar Swayampakula, MD MPHPediatrics