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PeoriaCares: The Power of Humanism in Medicine

The students of the Gold Humanism Honor Society Chapter of the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria firmly believe that the spirit of humanism is alive and flourishing in Peoria and deserves to be celebrated. We believe that “PeoriaCares,” and we need your words to help tell our continuing story.

How to Contribute

Contribute to this project by describing an instance of humanistic, caring, behavior that has occurred or is occurring in a healthcare setting in the Peoria area. This could be something that you have witnessed, or that you yourself have done, or a project that is ongoing. Settings could include hospitals, physician offices, therapy centers, emergency sites, homes or classrooms. Most importantly, we want to share how and where YOU see humanism in action. Tell us what happened, where it happened, and how it contributed to better care. How did it make you, and others, feel?

Email your example to Respect the privacy of others. We ask that you not include names or personally identifying information about patients or their families. If you wish for your own name and identity to be included with your post, please so indicate. Otherwise, examples will be anonymous.

History of the Project

Solidarity Day began in 2011, following the tragic shooting that injured former Representative Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona. Nancy Koff, a Dean at the University of Arizona College of Medicine wrote to the Arnold P. Gold Foundation to tell the story of Dr. Randall Friese, the trauma surgeon who was in charge of triage as the victims of the shooting came in to the University Medical Center emergency room. Dr. Friese was asked in an interview what happened when Rep. Giffords arrived in the ER and what he was doing. He said, “The most important thing I did was hold her hand.” He was giving orders at the same time. Dean Koff commented, “I think it was powerful that he considered most important his actions of holding her hand, speaking to her and reassuring her that she was in the hospital and would be cared for.”

In 2011 we compiled a two-week community “journal” of examples, moments, gestures, acts, decisions, activities, and projects that illustrate the power of humanism in medicine in Peoria. After reprising the journal for the month of February 2012 we decided to continue that journal as a year-round project of our GHHS chapter so that people could be inspired and inspiring through its contributions. Compassion and humanism are bigger than a single day or month!