Family Medicine Residency

Family Medicine Residency

Primary Care Unopposed ACGME/AOA Dually Accredited

Dr. Wynn"Our goal is to help you possess the distinct attitude, skills, and knowledge unique to family physicians, and to develop you into being the most qualified advocate for your patients in all health-related matters. The results of you achieving this goal is that you will be able to provide continuing and comprehensive medical care, health maintenance, and preventive services to every patient you encounter regardless of gender, age, or type of problem."

Kelvin Wynn, M.D.
Family Medicine Residency Program Director

Our Mission

To provide quality patient care in an encouraging, collaborative environment that observes education as a lifelong process.

To prepare family medicine residents for comprehensive practice in communities all over the country.

A commitment to training physicians that want to practice a full range of family medicine in a variety of settings.

Program highlights

  • Strong university-affiliated, community-based program
  • Pass rate of certification exam: 96% 1st attempt
  • Easy access to patients with a program unopposed in primary care
  • Emphasis on procedural skills and OB-GYN while supporting flexibility to tailor learning experiences and goals
  • Faculty who are accessible and committed to your personal well-being and education
  • Family-oriented environment
  • Generous salary and benefits

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Family Medicine Residency Coordinator

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