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Medical Student Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Fund provides financial resources that support community service projects organized and implemented by Peoria medical students.

This fund will help provide the materials needed to deliver community service projects designed and implemented by medical students. Such projects are exemplified by, but not limited to, the following:

The Manual High School Science Enrichment program, through a partnership with the faculty of Peoria’s Manual High School,  enables local high school students to gain hands-on practice in basic health care and laboratory skills.  By teaching, tutoring, and mentoring, medical students inspire teens to apply themselves academically so that they can pursue careers in science and health.

Health Education, Awareness, and Resources Teams (HEARTs) is an award-winning initiative, supervised by a physician, that takes preventive health and wellness education to underserved citizens in the community.  Students offer information and screenings in both English and Spanish.

The Halloween Party for Diabetic Children is a long-standing annual event, planned in conjunction with the Pediatric Diabetes Resource Center, that offers a healthy “alternative” trick-or-treat experience to local children with diabetes.

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