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…Thank you so much for the scholarship.  I appreciate the financial support and meeting with the family for which the scholarship is named.  But even more, I admire the dedication of the faculty, both volunteer and paid, who educate and support our future doctors. 
(M4 Student).

The cost of medical education has never been higher and state funding lags severely behind.   It is very difficult for medical students to hold part-time jobs with their demanding schedules. Most medical students must rely on student loans. Currently the average debt of a student graduating from the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria (UICOMP) is between $170,000 and $180,000. We anticipate that the average debt for a member of the class of 2014 will be over $200,000. When their loans enter repayment following the first six months of their residencies, they may have monthly payments exceeding $2,000 with starting salaries of almost the same amount.

Today's medical students are our doctors of tomorrow. Scholarships are powerful incentives for attracting talented students to UICOMP.

Types of Scholarship Funds 
The unrestricted Awards & Scholarship Fund receives donor contributions which support additional awards and scholarships and students receive a monetary award in the spring annually. This is a current use fund.

The principal of endowed scholarship funds is conserved perpetually, with only the earnings used to finance the awards. The UI Foundation annually sets a recommended spending level for endowed funds based on investment performance. The minimum contribution to endow a fund at the Foundation is $25,000.  

Awards & Scholarships Unrestricted
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Endowed Awards and Scholarships

Daniel Araya, M.D. Endowed Award

Established August 1, 1993
Ability to succeed in spite of difficult circumstances as well as having an optimistic outlook.
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Gloria Arndt Endowed Award

Established July 1, 1992
Demonstrates kindness, compassion and altruism, M2 year
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Bernard Cahill, M.D. Endowed Award

Established April 27, 1999
Academic Excellence in Research and Orthopedic Surgery
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Legacy Scholarship Endowment  

Established May 29, 2001
Academic Excellence-M2 and M3 years
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Anthony J. Parisi, Ph.D. Endowed Fund in Medical Education

Established June 3, 2003
Ability to overcome difficulties and best exemplifies the “Golden Rule"
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Joseph & Ellen Solovy Endowed Scholarship

Established March 26, 1996
Demonstrates commitment to Primary Care
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Kerry Spooner-Dean, M.D. Endowed Award

Established January 31, 2001
Recognition for Community Service and Pediatrics Performance
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Richard Trumpe, Ph.D. Endowed Award

Established August 21, 1995
M3 student, top 1/3 of Class
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Harry A. Warren Endowed Award

Established May 12, 1976
Highest Score on M2 Cardiovascular Organ Segment Exams
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Alvin and Diane Watne Endowed Medical Scholarship Fund

Established December 16, 1997
Awarded to students of merit and professionalism with unanticipated needs; academics excluded as a criterion
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Zelda R. Rider Scholarship Endowment

Established December 31, 1984
Demonstrates commitment to Family Practice
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Heritage Enterprises Award

Established February 24, 2000
Excellence in Family Medicine and Leadership
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