Student Awards and Scholarships

 The number of awards and scholarships available for medical students is impressive.  Look at our Awards CHART (pdf) for synopses of  just some of the awards and honors that are reviewed and distributed by site, college and university committees and announced at UICOM-P’s annual Student Recognition Event on the Thursday prior to Convocation.   Up to $45,000 to $50,000 in campus-based awards are distributed to Peoria students each year. Awards are subject to change and revision.

U = University level awards; C = College-level Awards; and S = Site-level Awards. Nominations for most of these awards are solicited annually between January and March, unless otherwise noted. Eligible nominators may download and complete a fillable NOMINATION FORM to nominate students for selected awards.

Federal and university guidelines govern the distribution of funds monetary awards. In most cases, the UIC Accounts Receivable and Financial Aid Offices will determine how a monetary award is to be disbursed. Each recipient is considered on an individual basis.

Generous contributions by donors to the College of Medicine have created  a roster of "Endowed Awards" for our students.  To learn more about our endowed awards, and how to contribute to scholarships for students, visit our "Giving" pages by clicking on the link to the left.

Information on "external" awards to which students can apply directly is regularly compiled and distributed by the UICOM-P Office of Student Affairs or by the UICOM Financial Aid Office.   Inquiries about student awards and scholarships may be directed to 309-671-8411. 

Students Wearing Gold Humanism Honor Society Medals