Medicine Sub-Internship - Jesse Brown (Veterans Affairs)

Veterans Administration - West Side Medical Center

Please review the JBVA Orientation Manual 3 weeks prior to your rotation.

Reporting Time:     8:15 a.m.
Reporting Place:    7th Floor Medical Service
Veterans Administration West Side Medical Center
820 South Damen Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60612

Site Coordinator:

Edward Stone, MD
Department of Medicine
Veterans Administration West Side Medical Center
820 South Damen
Chicago, Illinois 60612
Phone: (312) 569-6213
Pager: 312-359-6420

Access Codes:
Diana Argas
Phone: (312) 569-6853
Fax: (312) 569-6854

Hospital Requirements:

EQIP and Fingerprinting:
Cheryl A. Thomas, HR Specialist (WOC Coordinator)
Phone: 708-202-8387 ext 23656
Fax: 708-202-2743

Phyllis A. Mahn
HR Credentialing & Suitability Assistant
Phone:  312-569-7155 or ext. 57155
Fax:  312-569-6589

All Paperwork

Joyce Greene 
Phone: 312-569-6203
Fax:  312-569-8105

Students must complete certain VA forms one month prior to your rotation:

   * the WOC (Without Compensation) Packet
   * your US Passport or drivers license or state ID
   * a copy of your birth certificate or Social Security card or voter registration must also be included with the packet.

Medical students cannot perform any patient care until they have completed the forms , been approved by Human Resources, taken the oath and completed finger printing (which is done by Human Resources,  Phyllis Mahn, ph# 312-569-7155).

Submit the completed packet to:
Ms. Joyce Greene
Chief of Staff’s Office, Room 2431
(312) 569-8105 - fax
Main Hospital, Jesse Brown Veterans Administration Medical Center
820 South Damen Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

Clearance Process (ID Badge, Building and Computer Access):

Students will be notified by the Human Resources staff when clearance has been issued for their upcoming  clinical activity scheduled at Jesse Brown.  Students who have been cleared will not receive a VA ID effective now through October 2011 until all employees of the Jesse Brown VA have been issued their new ID badge.  You are instructed to wear your University ID while on JB campus at all times.  In addition, you will be given the appropriate Building Access Card for the section or service you will be rotating under.   Further information will be forwarded when the logistics of this process are worked out. If you have any questions regarding your rotation, computer access, scrub cards, etc. please contact your Program Coordinator or the Service-level Coordinator here at Jesse Brown.
Students  will be notified when the VA ID process has resumed.